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Cardio Team Style Dance with Robin Johnson | Heart-Healthy Dance Crew
Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance with Robin Johnson | Fun-Dance Workout
Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance with Robin Johnson | Zaltana Transcultural Fusion Dancers
Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance with Robin Johnson | Zaltana Transcultural Fusion Dancers

Heart-Healthy Dance Crew



Fun-Dance Workout


Transcultural Fusion Dancers

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… and the world dissolves into the wholeness that it always was …

Welcome to Cardio Team Style (CTS) Dance

CTS dance originated as synchronized group improvisational style belly dancing and morphed into a transcultural fusion dance format. We still snake, shake and isolate as is typical of all belly dance styles, and we honor our roots and influences that include ATS (American Tribal Style), ITS (Improvisational Team Sync), the Datura Method (Tribal Fusion) and Egyptian-Middle Eastern folk dancing. We are inspired by and blend elements from an eclectic mix of ethnic, social and mindful movement approaches. We dance to contemporary and retro world music. We believe “Every-BODY dances!” and have a strong commitment to an inclusive, respectful, empowering movement style.

CTS dance is naturalistic – meaning we use movements that are natural for your body, but with greater intention and control. If it hurts, we don’t do it. We tend to stay grounded (vs. on our toes) and earthy in our moves. You don’t need to be a gymnast or contortionist to do CTS. If you are, you can still do CTS combinations adding that flair, but it’s definitely not required.

Many of our moves have been adapted for people who have had injuries, have limited range of motion or have become deconditioned for various reasons. And still they dance – because they love to move. They find dancing does wonders for their hearts – emotionally and physically.

Have fun! Get fit! Unleash your inner dancer!

Mandala with Horu Spiral | Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance (CTS) Workout Videos

CTS Workout

Free Belly Dance Workout Videos

Start with a free CTS Core Workout!

A CTS Core Workout is a great way to start your CTS dance journey. We use accelerated learning techniques to teach you a lot of moves so you’re up and dancing quickly and safely.

The focus is on fun and dance movement, rather than technique.

… And good news …
these workouts are FREE!

Zaltana | CTS Performance Troupe in Southern California


CTS Performance Troupe in SoCal

Our dance troupe, Zaltana, performs CTS dances for community events. Robin and Angela are based in the Coachella Valley, Pam is in the Riverside area.

We are joined often by the CTS Dance Crew (our students) for SoCal dance parties and non-profit events. Robin develops the combos and routines, and we video demos of those for CTS Instruction. Robin and Pam also teach CTS.

Blue Wooden Zil Cymbal | Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance (CTS) Instruction for Crew and Students

CTS Instruction

Access for CTS Crew & Students

We’re hoping you’ll have so much fun and learn so much so quickly, you’ll find deepening your dance technique to be a natural way to progress over time. If you have access to the video instruction pages, go to the Instruction Page HERE to access all the videos – CTS dance routines, cued choreographies, demonstrations of the combinations, resource materials to download and more. If you don’t have access, but would like to have it, please contact RJ HERE.

Site Contents

You may access the workout videos to sample the CTS dance style for free HERE. To access the instruction videos, ask your CTS Certified Teacher or contact Dr. Robin HERE.

Download a list of CTS videos HERE.

Current Offerings

If you’d like to have live instruction from RJ or Pam in CTS, contact Robin HERE or text Pam at (951) 313-5240 to express interest.

For a range of reasons, including the uncertainties around live classes, RJ and Pam will be teaching live only through what we’re calling the CTS Dance Club in 2022.

  • Each club meeting will be with a pod containing a maximum of three (3) people.
  • The meeting will be customized to the interest / abilities of the people in that pod.
  • A meeting will typically be for about 90 minutes.
  • New CTS dancers will need to create their own 3-person pod because we will not be teaching mixed levels.
  • Meetings will be in our home studios (Rancho Mirage or Moreno Valley, CA), or online via Zoom by request.
  • All dancers will continue to have access to video-based practice materials.

CTS Dance News

We send out our CTS newsletter, CTS Dance News, monthly. These newsletters list dance events, in-person class details, new combinations / routines, etc.

To stay up-to-date with what’s happening, please sign up for our newsletter!

Current Newsletter: April 2022 | Read Online | Download PDF

Click HERE to check out our archived issues.

Pledge: I, Dr. Robin, will never sell your information to any other organizations.



Here are a few of the videos you will find on this website!

CTS3-1 Workout

— Wakeup —

This sample CTS Workout video shows you how we warm up the body parts before working out. In it we also introduce the Slinky combo. This is from the CTS3 Workout.

CTS Performance

— Dark Fire —

Zaltana performance at Requiem in April 2019 honoring transitions / endings / passings in our dance community.

Music by Light Rain.

CTS Combination

— Anna’s Hips —

This is a Core CTS Combination. In this video, you’ll see the combo demonstrated, followed by an explanation and a drill sequence.

Both RJ and Pam are teaching.

CTS Intense Routine

— Egyptian Night —

CTS Routines repeat CTS combinations to music with voice-over cues. Egyptian Night uses CTS Intense Routines (Stretches, Latin Slinky, Saucy Maya, Mesmera’s Spiral), and uses the scimitar sword as a prop. The prop is optional. You could also balance a basket.

Both RJ and Pam are teaching.

Cued Choreo Performance

— Only Love —

In this performance at a community hafla (dance party) just before the pandemic lockdown (Feb 2020), Zaltana, the CTS Crew, and Dance Community Members had fun dancing together. Cued Choreos are dances where folks see the cue from the leaders (in this case RJ, Pam and Angela of Zaltana), and follow along.

Song: Only Love (Luca Schreiner Island House Mix)

What’s New?!?

— Pop Loc Combo —

This combo was inspired by Jill Parker and Rachel Brice. The video starts with an explanation of the long and short pop loc combo, followed by a practice drill – all with RJ.

Music: Mid-Tempo Baladi Loop from Loops for Dancers, Vol.1 by Radio Lara.

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