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Belly Dance Workouts

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance Workout Session

Belly Dance Workout | CTS Core Workout Videos

Watching and following a CTS Core Workout video is a great way to start your CTS dance journey. Our focus is on fun and dance movement, rather than technique. And good news – these core workouts are FREE!

CTS is heart-healthy. You start moving right away and keep moving for 30 – 35 minutes. We do not stop to teach the dance steps during the workout. But all the moves and combinations are repeated so it is easy to follow along. The important thing is to relax and keep moving. The movements are natural for your body, so if your mind gets out of the way, your body will know how to follow along.

CTS is a low-impact workout. You should have one or both feet on the floor at all times. We use accelerated learning techniques to teach you a lot of moves so you’re up and dancing quickly and safely.

CTS workouts include a warm-up, drills, routines, combinations and a cool-down. The warm-up has a basic stretch section – especially of the neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Then the workout increases the pace to get your heart rate up with the shimmy drills. From then on, you keep moving. The Routines provide necessary relief from feeling like you’re exercising and are highly motivating because you will be able to perform, if you wish, in a short period of time.

The combination system also makes choreography using blocks of music much easier. The foundation you get from the workout will make it easy for you later if you wish to learn to use finger cymbals / zils or belly dance props such as veils, skirts, fans, canes or swords. We have posted videos of all the workout songs. The yoga studios say the workout improves their yoga form; the workout enthusiasts sometimes add arm weights to sweat, sweat, sweat – safely – while having Fun! Fun! Fun!

The CTS Core Workouts are listed in reverse time order – with the CTS Core, Volume 3 being the most recent. CTS Workout, Volume 3 includes all 25 CTS Core Combinations. If you think you might want to get certified to lead the CTS workout, these are the moves and songs we will expect you to know.

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance, (CTBD Workout, Volume 2 and CTBD Workout, Volume 1) include some, but not all of the CTS Core Combos. They’re still a good workout and will familiarize you with how we tend to move, even though the specific CTS vocabulary evolved over time.

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance Low-Impact Workout | CTS Volume 3 | Robin Johnson

Cardio Tribal Style, Volume 3

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance Low-Impact Workout | CTBD Volume 2 | Robin Johnson

Cardio Tribal Style, Volume 2

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance Low-Impact Workout | CTBD Volume 1 | Robin Johnson

Cardio Tribal Style, Volume 1

CTS Combinations | Intense | Robin Johnson

Intense Belly Dance Workouts

We also have CTS Intense Workouts that build on the CTS core vocabulary. In the CTS Intense Workout, we add zils and props, as well as additional CTS combinations.

Please contact Dr. Robin HERE for information on how to gain access to these videos.

About CTS Online Streaming Classes

Online Belly Dance Workouts

And you are always welcome to join our Online Workouts for a live class or join a Zoom class to do the CTS workouts.

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