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CTBD Volume 1 | Core

Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance | CTBD Vol. 1

Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance is a low-impact workout that uses easy belly dance moves with repeated steps that gradually increase your heart rate and keep it at a healthy level throughout the workout.

This video features multicultural working women who dance / exercise for fun. While you’ll learn lots of belly dance steps – such as Mayas, turns, shimmies, hip sways, snake arms, and layering – it will be an easier workout than on most instructional DVD’s done by professional dancers. The dances are demonstrated by hobby dancers at various skill levels.

Follow along with the workout and demos below!

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance Low-Impact Workout | CTBD Volume 1 | Robin Johnson

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance | Volume 1


Moves Demos