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CTBD Volume 2 | Core

Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance | CTBD Vol. 2

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance is a Tribal-Fusion fitness workout that uses belly dance style steps to world fusion music in combinations that give you a low-impact cardiovascular workout. The dance combinations and music reflect an eclectic ethnic mix – Latin, Funk, Jazz, Tribal and old-school rhythms.

The Workout video below is about 32 minutes long. The second Moves Demos video demonstrates the moves. It is 19 minutes long. There are 8 CTS Core combos on these video. Troupe Mélangées members warm up with sinuous combos like the sexy walk, mayan arms, locomotion, and mesmera’s undulation – and then pick up a Latin flavor fusing belly dance with salsa1, flamenco, the cha cha turkish shimmy, and Gloria’s spin.

Mike Beauchamp and Amanda Taylor of Indogo, and Jeremiah Soto of Solace collaborated with Troupe Mélangées for this project. Mike put together the trailer about Cardio Tribal Belly Dance. This DVD is still available for sale on Amazon (see right-hand sidebar).

Follow along with the workouts and demos below!

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance Low-Impact Workout | CTBD Volume 2 | Robin Johnson

Cardio Tribal Belly Dance | Volume 2


Moves Demos