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CTS Volume 3 | Core

Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance | CTS Vol. 3

Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance | CTBD Vol. 3 | Playlist

Name Time Song | Combos Used
CTS3-01 Workout Wakeup 5:19 Cardio Workout, Pt.1 by Vinny Falcone | Shoulders, Isolations, Slinky
CTS3-02 Workout Shimmies 3:35 Hoüz by Monsieur Seb | Shimmies–shoulder, single, choo choo, combo
CTS3-03 Workout Loosen Up 3:20 Reggaeton Party by K-Lo Music | Bhangra, Barb1, G1, G2
CTS3-04 Lead Follow 2:47 Mumbai Nightclub by La Cigale | Footslides, Marinas, Snake Arms
CTS3-05 Workout Hips Turns 4:00 Drums of Peace by Berrycomposer | Double Hips-f/b, turn, X, EB, sway, diag, chico
CTS3-06 Workout Layering 3:24 Oriental Nights by Toy Invention | RJ beg, Liz, Hip Lifts, Turns, Sidesteps, Glorias
CTS3-07 Workout Smooth Moves 3:41 Enigmatic Dream by Leo Hernandez | Mayan Arms, Mez Torso, Charise, Sexy Walk
CTS3-08 Workout Grapevines 2:54 Femme Fatale by Lost Harmonies | Grapevine1, GV2, GV3, GV4
CTS3-09 Workout Pelvic Flex 3:23 Chai Badu by Carvin Knowles | ¾ hips, Fallahee-pelvic flex, PumpNslide
CTS3-10 Workout Cooling Routine 4:25 Mme Zorna by Carvin Knowles | Anna’s, Barb2, GC Waves, Stretches, floreo
CTS3-11 Workout Interviews* 4:38 Robin Johnson, Pam Coleman, Helena, Wendy
*The “Interviews” video includes short clips from those of us who were part of the CTS Team making CTS, Vol.3. We share some of our feelings and thoughts about CTS. Robin is the developer / choreographer, and Pam teaches CTS. The other two dancers, Helena and Wendy were new to the format and essentially trying it for the first time.


The workout uses all 25 of the CTS core combinations.

The Cardio Tribal Style, Volume 3 workout can be done by any fitness level, non-dancers to more advanced dancers. As with any fitness program, check with your health and medical advisors before doing it. You are fully responsible for your well-being while following this program. If a movement hurts anything in your body, don’t do it. Pain is not any part of the CTS format.

If you’re just starting, focus on moving your feet and the timing. The moves all repeat and should feel natural. And they build on each other, so we suggest you do them in the playlist order. As you become more comfortable with the workout, put more attention to dance and technique. Total workout time is 38 minutes.

Demonstration and explanation videos for the 25 Core CTS Combos linked to this workout are included when you have access to the instruction videos. If you are one of our past or present CTS’ers (class or workshop), contact Dr. Robin HERE for access!