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Intense Workouts

Crew Zaltana | Intense Routine with Zils

CTS Routines | Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. (pacific time) | 1 hour 15 minutes long | Taught by Pam Coleman

Students will learn and explore more of the CTS Combo vocabulary while using zils, fans, skirts, baskets and swords. We start with a version of the CTS Workout with routines that systematically review the core combinations (with and without zils), a range of additional intense combinations (with and without zils), and a few routines that allow you to practice a balancing prop (sword or basket). This class includes more advanced dance technique and introduces you to performance level routines and choreography. This class has a voluntary self-study schedule and online aids. Emphasis is on improving your technique with the core CTS combos, while learning additional CTS vocabulary and performance skills. Both wooden and regular metal zils are allowed. Don’t think you’re missing out on cardio – you will sweat.

Contact Pam Coleman HERE or call (951) 313-5240 for details including payment instructions and zoom links.

CTS Combinations | Intense | Robin Johnson

New Moves and Grooves | 1 hour 30 minutes long | Taught by RJ

This class is open to all levels. RJ is constantly developing new combos, routines and choreographies. In this class, you’ll learn those new CTS moves with an associated routine or choreography to support your practice afterwards. Contact Robin HERE for details, calendar and pricing.