Becoming a certified member of the CTS workout dance family includes:

  • Learning the 25 core CTS combinations
  • Subscription to the CTS videos where we regularly add new combinations, routines and cued choreographies
  • Free admission to CTS workshops when you visit Palm Springs
  • A CTS T-Shirt
  • Lots of fun and support as you continue your dance journey


The certification requires you to demonstrate that you can do the CTS Workout and know the 25 core CTS Combinations.  By the end of this certification you…

  1. Will have demonstrated your ability to perform all of the combinations on the CTS Workout
  2. Will understand the general framework and flow of the workout and why it includes the elements it does
  3. Will be able to explain what Tribal Style Belly dance is and how it is similar to, yet different from, ATS, Tribal Fusion, ITS, Folkloric Belly Dance, and Classic (Egyptian, Cabaret) belly dance
  4. Make a commitment to be an ethical dancer


The CTS Workout is designed to do many things simultaneously:

  1. The CTS Workout is a fun ethnic dance workout. The emphasis is as much on fun and fitness as it is on dance.
  2. CTS is a low-impact workout. You should have one or both feet on the floor at all times.
  3. CTS is a cardio-workout. You start moving right away and keep moving. Do not stop or ask to be taught dance steps during the workout. Instead keep moving and do simpler versions of the steps.
  4. CTS workouts should always include a warm up, drills, routines, combinations and a cool down. The warm up has a basic stretch section – especially of the neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Then the workout increases the pace and gets the heart rate up with the shimmy drills – and keeps moving from then on. Because of this format, the CTS workout is also a good fat burning workout.  The Drills are focused on basic belly dance moves – all belly dancers, no matter what their style, do shimmies, snake arms, chest and hip isolations.
  5. The Routines provide necessary relief from feeling like you’re exercising and are highly motivating because you will be able to perform, if you wish, in a short period of time.
  6. The Combos are a fast, efficient way to teach Tribal and Classic Belly Dance steps in a way that you don’t have to worry what to put with what. The combination system also makes choreography using blocks of steps much easier to learn. And combinations allow you to do what is a foundation of Tribal Style Belly Dance – follow a leader through synchronized improvisation.
  7. The CTS Workout fuses music and moves from around the world. This increases the variety of music choices, reduces boredom with the workout, and provides the opportunity to explain how belly dance is empowering, especially for women all over the world.




Reggaeton Party:
Barbara1, Gawazee hip sway, Gawazee hip drop

Drums of Peace (DH Dance Jam, lead/follow cues):
Double Hip variations – in place, forward, back, diagonals, Eddie’s basic, X, Left, Right, DH Sway, Chico Palms

Oriental Nights:
RJ, hip lift, Liz variations, Glorias turns

Mumbai Nightclub:
Layering, Snake Arm level change, Egyptians (ATS and Z), Marinas (flip), Footslides

Enigmatic Dream:
Charise’s hands, Mesmera Torso Rotation, Mayan Arms, Sexy Walk

Femme Fatale (routine):
Grapevines 1-4

Chai Bedu:
3/4 hip shimmies, CTS fallahee, pelvic drop, 8, peek, pumpNslide

Mme Zorna (routine):
Charise’s hands, Ana’s hips, Tribal stretch, Barb2, GC Arabic

To help you learn and practice the steps, we help you make combination cards for the 25 CTS combinations you will learn.

3/4 hip shimmy walk
Ana’s hips (all directions)
Barbara 1
Barbara 2
Charise’s hands
Double Hips
Egyptians: ATS / Z
Elizabeth (Liz)
Fallahee (pelvic drops / peeks)
Footslide Combo
G1: Gawazee hip sways and turn
G2: Gawazee hip drops (Y Turn)
GC Arabic
Grapevines 1-4
Hip Lift
Marinas (flip)
Mayan Arms
Mesmera rotations/wave
RJ (beginning)
Sexy Walk
Shimmy Combo
Tribal stretch

Basic belly dance moves include shimmies (shoulders and hips, fast and slow), chest isolations (lift, drop, circles, slides), snake arms and hands, wrist floreos, hip figure 8s in all directions, hip lifts-drops-circles, body waves up and down, paddle-3step-and reverse turns, counting-timing of the steps.