(note: students who attend live classes or workshops with Robin or Aeron automatically receive subscription access too)

Robin teaches Cardio Tribal Style (CTS) through workshops in the Palm Springs area.  If you are interested, email for details.

Aeron Sa’id teaches CTS at Source Studio, 4618 Pine St., Riverside, CA   Call (951) 313.5240 for info.
Mondays 5:30
Wednesdays 5:30 and 7:30
She has also just started teaching the Core Workout as a 6-week series on Tuesday mornings in Upland, CA.  If you’re interested, contact her directly.

CTS WORKOUT – (no zils). Monday at 5:30 pm, 55 minutes long. Free for Source Studio members, $11 walk-in fee for non-members. This class is open to all. This is a mixed level Workout. Core combos always are used. Class starts with the current CTS Workout, then adds in a couple of fun dance routines, and finishes with a cool-down stretch. Emphasis is on having fun and getting in a great cardio workout.

CTS CORE. Monday at 7:30 pm, 1 hour 15 minutes long. Cost: $40 per month or $11 walk-in fee. CTS CORE is open to beginners and veteran students alike that want to learn CTS belly dance. We start with the CTS CORE Workout with Zils, followed by individual Combo instruction. General belly dance technique is covered here, along with a few entertaining routines. Lead/Follow synchronized improvisation using CORE combos is explored. This class has a voluntary self-study schedule using the online aids provided. Emphasis is on learning CTS while still having fun and getting in a great cardio workout. Wooden zils are preferred, regular zils must be taped or muffled in some manner.

CTS ROUTINES. Wednesday at 7:30 pm, 1 hour 15 minutes long. Cost: $40 per month or $11 walk-in fee. This class is open by invitation only to students that have successfully completed CTS CORE belly dance. Students will learn and explore the more of the CTS Combo vocabulary while using zils, fans, skirts, baskets and swords. We start with a version of the CTS Workout with routines that systematically review the core combinations (with and without zils), a range of additional combinations (with and without zils), and a few routines that allow you to practice a balancing prop (sword or basket). This class includes more advanced tribal belly dance technique and introduces you to performance level choreography. This class has a voluntary self-study schedule and online aids. Emphasis is on improving your technique with the core CTS combos, while learning additional CTS vocabulary and performance skills. Regular bare zils allowed. Don’t think you’re missing out on cardio – you will sweat.



Robin teaches “Introduction to CTS Belly Dance” workshops periodically in the Palm Springs area at Desert Yoga Therapy in Rancho Mirage.  Join our mailing list or contact Robin for more information –

We also offer an Afro-Belly workshop that includes CTS Afro-Belly combinations with an associated choreography.  The Afro-Belly combos are suitable for any level. Plus you’ll have time to practice the combos and have access to the video of the combos and choreography after the workshop.  Be sure to reach out to Aeron Sa’id (951) 313.5240).

We have two Finger Cymbal workshops.  The finger cymbal (aka zils) patterns we use in CTS Belly Dance include the threes (but we teach a variation with a pause for count 8, so we call it the Z7), military, beledi, and accents.  We also teach you to vary the ring-tone.  The patterns and accents we teach make it easy to dance and play at the same time – something that many dancers can find challenging.  And by inserting pauses instead of playing the finger cymbals constantly, especially with the Z7, you improve your musicality and know how to find/hear “The 1”.

The first of these workshops concentrates on the Core CTS Belly Dance combinations; the second workshop is CTS Intense Combinations.

Robin also offers a Sword workshop with CTS combinations in a cued choreography.

And she offers a workshop using Tai Chi Fans with a cued choreography and CTS combinations.


We strongly recommend taking live classes in CTS if you are in the Southern California area.  If not, we also have…


These fabulous fun workout videos will get you fit and belly dancing in no time. We have two kinds of video options:

If you are not in classes with Robin or Aeron, you can have access to the workout videos through our VIMEO channel via subscription. In addition to all 10 of the CTS workout songs that are in the Volume 3 Workout, you will have detailed explanation of all 25 core combinations.  The workout videos have us facing a mirror so you see both front and back – just like you would see us in a class.  In addition, because we have the space, we provide access to more detailed descriptions of all the combinations used in the workout (again using the mirror) plus drill videos where you can follow along as if you were dancing with us (no mirror).  And we have additional routines using the combinations that you might enjoy.  It’s a lot more than we can put on a single DVD.

DVD: Yet, we know some of you prefer to be unplugged and to have your own DVD.  We will make DVDs available to you with all the workout songs, plus as much bonus-support material as we can within the space allotted on the DVD.  Sometimes that will be demonstrations of the combinations, other times that will be live performances and information about Tribal Fusion belly dance and costuming.  The videos can be purchased in class, at dance events we attend, by emailing us, and soon through


All new music!

CTS_vol3_DVDCTS3 starts with the Wakeup where you move down your body from top to body to get your energy flowing while simultaneously teaching you the moves you’ll need for your first combination, the slinky.  The second song shakes things up with shimmies of all kinds.  Then you go to a Reggaeton Party to loosen up with some camels, hip sways and drops.  Drums of Peace, the 4th song lets you follow the leader’s cues as you learn variations on the double hips – good for moving the large muscles that burn fat.  Oriental Nights have more traditional belly dance moves including hip lifts, turns, gawazee side steps, the Liz and RJ combos.  The 6th song, Mumbai Night Club has more typical tribal belly dance combos – Egyptians, Marinas, Footslides, and snake arms over a level change.  Our own Leo Hernandez gave us the music, Enigmatic Dream, for our core strenthening smooth move combos: Mesmera’s torso rotation, mayan arms and sexy walk.  The 8th song, Femme Fatale, lets you slow it down with four variations on sultry grapevines.  We pick up the pace in Chai Bedu with pelvic flex, hip walks, and a little afro-belly action.  You’ll cool down with a routine, track 10, to Mme Zorna where you stretch it out while toning the spine with Tribal Stretch, Barb2, Anna’s hips, and an Arabic combination inspired by Gypsy Caravan.  The workout uses all 25 of the CTS basic combinations so you are putting in the foundation of your CTS movement vocabulary.

On the DVD we include demonstrations of the Slinky, Elizabeth, RJ, Z-Egyptians, Grapevines, Fallahee, Arabic, and Tribal Stretch combinations.  Workout time: 38 minutes – does not include introduction, transition, and demonstrations.  The entire DVD, including support materials is one hour.


CTS_fans_dvdThis video includes four of the most popular CTS combinations we use with Tai-Chi fans:
Barbara’s Camels (Barbara1)
Ciana’s Arabic Step Turn
Flamenco Combo
Gloria’s Hip Drops and Paddle turn
Robin explains each combination without the fans, and then with the fans.  Instruction is mirrored (flipped) so that you can follow along easily.

This DVD is currently available from us at dance events or by emailing us  It will be available through Amazon soon.


Cardio Tribal Belly Dance DVDCardio-Tribal Belly Dance is a low-impact workout that uses easy belly dance moves with repeated steps that gradually increase your heart rate and keep it at a healthy level throughout the workout. This video features multicultural women who dance/exercise for fun. While you’ll learn lots of belly dance steps – such as camels, hip moves, turns, shimmies, hip sways, snake arms, and layering – it will be an easier workout than on most instructional DVD’s. The dances are demonstrated by dancers at various skill levels. We even put all the moves together at the end of the workout into a dance for you. To learn the steps, go to the practice-instruction sections of the DVD from the menu. If you know the steps, or don’t mind just following along, start with the 40-minute warmup and workout. As a bonus, we’ve included performances and interviews with the dancers. Enjoy!

Includes: Warm Up, Ana’s Hips, Barbara’s Camels, Ciana’s Walk, Double Hips (slow ¾ hip shimmies), Elizabeth’s Shimmy Combo, Foot slides, Gawazee Hip Sways and Hip Drops, All Moves Review and a Cool down.


Cardio Tribal Belly Dance 2
Music by Solace, Indogo, & Bangkok Blue Johnson.

Use these fun dance combinations to an eclectic-ethnic music mix – Latin, Tribal, Funk, Jazz – for your low-impact 32-minute cardio workout. The workout starts with a warmup, followed by combinations and two dances.  The combinations are Marinas, Sexy walk, Salsa, Cha-Cha Turk, Gloria’s Shimmy Spin, Flamenco Hip Lifts, and TM Egyptians.  There’s a slow dance called Sudan, and a faster dance using all the combinations from this video called the Sultan’s Dance. Bonus features include basic instruction for all the combinations and two performances using combinations from Cardio-Tribal Belly Dance volumes 1 and 2.