The CTS Workout is a fun ethnic dance workout. The emphasis is as much on fun and fitness as it is on dance.

CTS is a low-impact workout. You should have one or both feet on the floor at all times.

If you have the password, you can access the workout from the Subscribers page.


Watch the CTS, Volume 3 Workout Trailer

CTS is heart healthy. You start moving right away and keep moving for 35 minutes. We do not stop to teach the dance steps during the workout. But all the moves and combinations are repeated so it is easy to follow along.  The important thing is to relax and keep moving.  The movements are natural for your body, so if your mind gets out of the way, your body will know how to follow along.

When you do the workout with an instructor live, the instructor will monitor the class and repeat the steps for a while.  If most of the class is following OK, but you’re still having a few challenges, the instructor will suggest you keep moving and do simpler versions of the steps.  At the end of the workout, the instructor may explain/demonstrate dance steps, combinations or routines based on requests from the class.

CTS workouts include a warm up, drills, routines, combinations and a cool down. The warm up has a basic stretch section – especially of the neck, shoulders, spine and hips. Then the workout increases the pace to get your heart rate up with the shimmy drills.  From then on you keep moving.

The warm up stretches loosen your neck, shoulders, hips, and spine.  If it’s cool in the room, you’re likely to do some shimmies to warm you up super fast.  We add in a slinky combination during the warm up so you’re already dancing.

The Drills include basic belly dance moves.  Belly dancers snake, shake, and isolate – no matter what their style, they undulate their arms-hands-bodies (snake), do shimmies of the hips and shoulders (shake), and intentionally move only specific body parts such as the chest, hips or head while keeping other body parts still (isolate).

The Routines provide necessary relief from feeling like you’re exercising and are highly motivating because you will be able to perform, if you wish, in a short period of time.

The combos are a fast, efficient way to teach Tribal and classic belly dance steps in a way that you don’t have to worry what to put with what. The combination system also makes choreography using blocks of music much easier. And combinations allow you to do what is a foundation of Tribal Style Belly Dance – follow a leader through synchronized improvisation.  Combinations used during the workout are our foundational combos such as camels, gawazee hip sways, hip drops, Arabics, figure 8 hip combo, double hips slow 3/4 hip shimmies, CTS Egyptians, Elizabeth’s hip shoulder shimmy pivots, marinas, footslides, tribal stretch, and a range of grapevines.  We have 25 core combinations we teach during the workout.

The foundation you get from the workout will make it easy for you later if you wish to learn to use  finger cymbals/zils or belly dance props such as veils, skirts, fans, canes, or swords.  Many of the combinations and routines you learn in the workout are the foundation for dancing with these.

The CTS Workout fuses music and moves from around the world. This increases the variety of moves and reduces boredom with the workout.  The foundation is what is called ‘Belly Dance’ in the US.  But group dancing using these moves, just like music, is a global activity.  We blend these moves with African, Latin, Indian, and Polynesian inspired dance.

We have posted videos of all 10 workout songs and as well as demonstrations of the combinations and drills.  So far students taking the workout live love the songs.  The yoga studios say the workout improves their yoga form; the workout enthusiasts sometimes add arm weights and sweat, sweat, sweat – safely – while having Fun!  Fun!  Fun!