Zaltana is a Tribal Fusion Style Ethnic Dance group based in Riverside county, California. We snake, shake and isolate our moves in ways typical of belly dance. And we use belly dance finger cymbals (zils), and props such as swords, canes, veils and fans. We also blend belly dance moves with a wide range of musical styles using tunes from the middle east, other parts of the world, and even different time periods – that’s part of our fusion.  Our repertoire includes African, Indian, Polynesian, and Latin moves and music.  Zaltana might start a show with high energy entrance playing zils, then balance scimitars to a Tibetan song, followed by the peaceful flowing moves inspired by Beethoven’s moonlight sonata, then add audience engaging movements to a typical Baladi rhythm from the Middle East, an enthusiastic Indian Bangra number, a little retro tribal to Tina Turner’s rock, and exit to Kodo drums from Cirque du Soleil.  We use cued choreographies in most stage performances, and synchronized group improvisation with the CTS crew. We love to dance – and it shows!