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Zaltana, CTS Teachers and the CTS Crew (CTS students) perform mostly in Southern California.

The most important aspect of the dance for us is having fun together. That often shines through in our performances.

We are from the ethnic social dance tradition where everybody dances at a party. Yes, we have professional standards and do our best to dance well when we have stage performances. But in many cases, we use synchronized group improvisation (SGI) so every performance is unique.

And we are inclusive of a range of styles and abilities – especially with our CTS Crew students. We often include a cued choreography with our students at local events – crew members are told in advance which combos we’re planning to use, the song, and to come ready to have dance fun.

If you’re doing CTS and in the area for an event, do drop in and join us.


Desert Dance Collective | Cirque du Belly

“Group shakes things up at belly dance gathering” in the Desert Sun

Desert Dance Collective – Cirque du Belly