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Live Instruction

CTS Live Instruction in Studio or Zoom Classes


LIVE, IN-PERSON BELLY DANCE CLASSES start October 3rd! Join us Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:00 pm at Starlight Dance Center in Palm Desert, CA (SoCal). Contact Robin HERE for more info.

HYBRID DANCE CLASSES (in-person small pod + Zoom) continue in the Riverside area, CA (SoCal). Contact Pam for more info at (951) 313-5240.

Click HERE for more information and details about all our dance classes in Southern California (SoCal)!

Access to our CTS Vimeo videos to support your practice is provided when you take live classes / workshops with Pam or Robin.

If you have attended a class or workshop and need the access code to the videos, please contact us HERE.


Mandala with Horu Spiral | Cardio Tribal Style Belly Dance (CTS) Workout Videos

CTS Workout (no zils)

Instructor: Pam Coleman | Contact Pam HERE or call (951) 313-5240 for more information

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Core combos always are used. We start with the current CTS Core Workout, then add in a couple of fun dance routines, and finish with a cool-down stretch. Emphasis is on having fun and getting in a great cardio workout. Contact Pam HERE or call her at (951) 313-5240 for details including payment instructions.

Online Private Zoom CTS Classes with Robin Johnson and Pam Coleman

CTS Dance Focus (zils and props optional)

Instructor: Robin Johnson | Contact Robin HERE for more information

Location: Rancho Mirage, CA

Instructor: Pam Coleman | Contact Pam HERE or call (951) 313-5240 for more information

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

These CTS Dance pods focus on team style belly dance using combos and routines from the CTS Workout, the 25 CTS Core Combinations, Intense Combinations, CTS Routines, and New Moves & Grooves. We address fundamentals, musicality, CTS vocabulary inspired by global-ethnic dance forms, practice support, choreography and performance options – depending on the skills and interests of the pod members. Pre-registration required. Pod size limited to three (3) people with similar interests and skill level. When you come wear comfy clothes, dance shoes or socks, and bring water. And as always, FUN is #1 on the menu.


Middle Eastern Circular Mandala Design | CTS Certification Badge

We think of CTS certification as more of a coaching process, rather than certification. Pam and RJ will coach you through the process of demonstrating your progress with CTS based on your goals. The process includes one-on-one coaching via Zoom, using the online CTS videos, and submitting videos of your progress. Sample CTS ‘certification’ goals are:

  • Learn to do the CTS Core Workout | Demonstrate an ability to follow visual and audio cues and do the CTS Combinations and Workout. The Core Workout contains a warm up, a foot and arm drill, several dance moves adapted from ATS / Datura and 25 CTS Core Combinations.
  • Lead the CTS Core Workout | You’d be able to cue the CTS Core Workout and Core Routines and teach the CTS Core Combinations.
  • Do the CTS Intense Workout | Learn the Intense Combinations and associated zil patterns, plus sword / basket balancing.
  • Lead the CTS Intense Workout | Cue the Workout. Teach Zils 101. Teach Sword / Balance basics. Teach the Combinations. Teach the Intense Routines.
  • CTS Teacher / Sister Studio | The soft skills: Business basics. CTS Choreography 101. Overview of 8 elements. CTS philosophy. Dance Ethics / Community.
  • CTS Refreshers | RJ is constantly adding new routines and choreos using CTS Combos based on requests from students and teachers. You might also choose to do and share CTS Routines. This also keeps us in community and alignment.

You can do one, a mix, or all of those goals. You may even define some goals of your own in consultation with us. Contact RJ HERE if you’re interested in certification.