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Robin and Pam co-teach workshops periodically in the Palm Springs area. Please join our mailing list HERE to be kept up-to-date with scheduled workshops. Or contact us HERE if you’d like us to teach you and your students a CTS-based workshop.

Some of the workshops we teach include:

Zils / Finger Cymbals

CTS Combinations | Core with Zils | Robin Johnson

We have two Finger Cymbal Workshops. The finger cymbal (aka zils) patterns we use in CTS Belly Dance include the threes (but we teach a variation with a pause for count 8, so we call it the Z7), military, beledi and accents. We also teach you to vary the ring-tone.

The patterns and accents we teach make it easy to dance and play at the same time – something that many dancers can find challenging. And by inserting pauses instead of playing the finger cymbals constantly, especially with the Z7, you improve your musicality and know how to find / hear “The 1”.

The first of these workshops concentrates on the Core CTS Belly Dance Combinations; the second workshop is CTS Intense Combinations. Participants are granted access to the CTS videos so they can continue to practice using the online videos and routines afterwards.


Robin Johnson with Sword and Zils

RJ offers a Sword Workshop with CTS combinations in a cued choreography.


Belly Dancing Fan

RJ offers a workshop using Tai Chi Fans with a cued choreography using four popular CTS combinations.

• Barbara1
• Ciana’s Step Turn
• Flamenco Combo
• Gloria’s Hip Drops and Paddle Turn


She explains each combination without the fans, and then with the fans. We put all those moves together into a routine you’ll all be dancing by the end of the workshop. At-home-practice continues with the supporting videos.


CTS Combinations | Afro Belly Routines | Robin Johnson

We offer an Afro-Belly Workshop that includes CTS Afro-Belly combinations with an associated choreography. The Afro-Belly combos are suitable for any level. Plus, you’ll have access to the video of the combos and choreography after the workshop.

Cardio Team Style (CTS)

CTS Combinations | 25 Core Combos | Robin Johnson

Robin teaches Cardio Team Style (CTS) through workshops in the Palm Springs area. If you are interested, contact Robin HERE for details. If you’d like to learn a specific routine, or just have fun with a group of friends learning some dance moves, contact us.