Zaltana is a Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance group. Tribal because we use synchronized group improvisation. We cue to each other what movements we should do next, and we rotate leaders and followers throughout any given dance. Belly Dance because use a belly dance movement vocabulary – specifically the isolation of hips and chest. We snake and shake in ways typical of belly dance. And we play belly dance finger cymbals (zils) and dance with belly dance props (scimitars, canes, fans, and veils). Our fusion is because we move to a wide range of musical styles using music from the Middle East, Latin America, African, India, other parts of the world, and even different time periods.  All of the Zaltana members have been trained in Classical, Egyptian, and Folkloric belly dance with Aziza Sa’id – in addition to their personal dance development with many other teachers.  We entertain in the Palm-Springs area, and perform all over California at community events, fundraisers, and renaissance festivals.