Dancer Biographies

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Robin J: Zaltana


Robin formed Zaltana when she moved to the desert – Palm Springs/Palm Desert, CA.  She was choreographer and director of Troupe Melangées for 7 years in the Inland Empire, is the developer of Cardio Tribal Style (CTS) belly dance, producer of the workout videos, and choreographs the combinations and performances.  Robin loves the energy and world music grooves that are expressed through tribal fusion styling.  She was initiated into the 8 Elements by Rachel Brice (the Datura Method) in 2016, completed phase II Cultivation in the spring of 2017, and attended Phase III in the summer of 2017.  Other influential belly dance teachers include Aziza Sa’id (folkloric) and Mesmera (gypsy). She has also been inspired philosophically by Paulette Rees-Denis of Gypsy Caravan, Kajira Djoumana, Heidi of Domba, and Amy Sigil of Unmata.  Robin has a general skills certification in American Tribal Style – ATS – bellydance from Carolena Nericcio of Fat Chance Belly Dance.  She taught CTS at the Pomona Valley Hospital Center, Scripps College in Claremont, and aboard cruise ships.  Robin is also an author (The Dance of Leadership), business school professor, executive life coach, and diversity consultant (





Aeron Sa'id: Zaltana
Aeron Sa’id: Zaltana

After abdominal surgery in 2009, Aeron’s doctor suggested belly dance, yoga or Pilates as a form of recovery.  Aeron was interested in belly dance so she was happy for the excuse to do something she had always wanted to try.  She is a certified CTS teacher and teaches the Cardio-Tribal-Style (CTS) Belly Dance Workout at Source Studio in Riverside, CA.  She co-facilitates CTS workshops with Robin in Southern CA for dancers who are interested in learning and getting certified in CTS.  Her training also includes Phases I (Initiation) and II (Cultivation) of Rachel Brice’s Eight 8 Elements program.  She studied a more modern style of Tribal belly dance with Meredith Marie of Circata, and Sashi of Ascend Tribal.  Aeron is Co-Director of Belly Trance.







Angela D.: Zaltana
Angela D.: Zaltana


Angela joined Zaltana in 2016.  She loves the earthiness and soulful connection to the feminine she experiences with CTS belly dance.  She appreciated the technical aspects that are not clinical.  And particularly finds dancing CTS with Zaltana allows her to be more personally expressive.  Angela started belly dancing in 2013 with Etoile, also from the House of Sa’id (Aziza Sa’id’s belly dance family), and continued studying Cabaret and Folkloric belly dance with Seylena Troi.  Prior to belly dance she did a little tap, ballet, and modern dance through college.  She returned to dance later in life – and is glad she did.