Zaltana, CTS Teachers and the CTS Crew (CTS students) perform mostly in Southern California. In the videos below you will see us in a range of performances – some stage, some at Haflas (parties), some themed, some live, some for clients.  The most important aspect of the dance for us is having fun together.  That often shines through in our performances.  We are from the ethnic social dance tradition where everybody dances at a party.  Yes, we have professional standards and do our best to dance well when we have stage performances.  But in many cases we use SGI – synchronized group improvisation – so every performance is unique.  And we are inclusive of a range of styles and abilities – especially with our CTS Crew students.  We often include a cued choreography with our students at local events – crew members are are told in advance which combos we’re planning to use, the song, and to come ready to have dance fun.  If you’re doing CTS and in the area for an event, do drop in and join us.


Dark Fire at Requiem: A Gathering of Souls.  Music by Light Rain.  Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Angela.

Tribalicious  at the Blanket of Stars benefit performance for medical care for people who are homeless in the Coachella Valley.  Music from Shawazaa by Solace based on Rebirth).  Dancers RJ, Aeron, Angela

GDFR (Zil composition) – at Haflaween 2017.  This was an opportunity for us to play with our zils to an instrumental version of this song – and to play with each other.  Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Angela

Cairo Shimmy Quake, 2016 – We start with If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray followed by Scherzo played by David Garrett music by Beethoven.  Dancers Z2: RJ & Aeron.

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive 2015. Medley with Samaya by Vas (Fans), Bounce (zils) and Dragon & Sword by Jeremiah Soto/Solace. Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Moira.

Onyx – Global Groove. by Angelika and House of the Rising Sun by Kimberly Nicole.  Dancers: RJ and Aeron.

Restaurant performance of Chase The Wind LIVE with Light Rain and Mesmera. Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Tina.

Baladi (with zils) by Fat Chance Belly Dance and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven at client Event – Holiday Party.  Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Tina and Debra.

Aaja Nachle by Sunidhi Chauhan at Hafla. Dancers: RJ, Tina

Imagine with fans at Hafla. Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Tina, Debra & Charise. Music: John Lennon

Mystics Dream at Hafla. This was a last dance with Tina before she moved to Chicago. Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Debra & Tina. Music: Loreena McKennitt

Burlesk at the Ugly Sweater Hafla – Medley by Cher and Christina Aguilerra. Dancers: RJ, Aeron, Tina, Debra.

African – Around the World in 180 minutes hafla. We were assigned “Africa” and remembered/reminded folks that Egypt (Saidi and Fallahee moves) is in Africa. Having fun with RJ, Aeron, Moira & Debra.   Music Medley: Ms. Imani for Golden Keys, Gabrielle Roth for Speaking Curves, Saidi by Hossam Ramzy.

Born This Way by Lady Gaga at the Day of the Dead Hafla 2014. Dancers: RJ, Tina, Debra.


Cairo Shimmy Quake, 2018 — This performance starts with the CTS crew performing Mystics Dream by Loreena McKennitt using swords, followed by Zaltana dancing to Got It by Marian Hill , and then Zaltana with the CTS crew performing Uptown Funk.

Uptown Funk at the Boy Band Hafla 2018 – This was intended as a practice performance for the crew before CSQ that year.  They had worked really hard on playing their finger cymbals while dancing.  One of the most fun parts of this performance was that the music cut out near the end of the song, but the CTS Crew just kept on zillin’ and dancing – with the supportive clapping of the audience.  Now that’s a hafla party performance!

Boy Band Hafla 2018 – This is the full video of that performance, starting with Zaltana and the CTS crew balancing swords and baskets and they dance to It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye by Boyz II Men, followed by Zaltana dancing to Poison by Bell Biv Devoe, and then all together dancing to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars.

Haflaween 2017 – Zaltana and the CTS crew performed Fallin’ by Alicia Keys, followed by I Put a Spell On You by Natacha Atlas.

Cairo Shimmy Quake, 2017 — We start this performance with Chase the Wind by Light Rain, followed by All About That Bass by Meagan Trainor.

Mme Zorna – Cooling Routine on CTS Workout, Volume 3. Cued Choreo with Cardio Crew at Bad Girls Hafla 2016.

Cairo Shimmy Quake, 2015 – Medley. Mystics Dream with Swords – Dancers: Meredith, RJ, Aeron – Music by Lorena McKennitt; followed by Gitana by Light Rain with Fans/Skirt work – Dancers:RJ, Aeron, Meredith, Moira; and then Woman’s World cued choreo with the CTS Crew – Music by Cher.

Proud Mary by Tina Turner. Impromptu dance by CTS teachers at Tropical hafla

Troupe Melangees Performance Videos

Before Robin moved to the desert and formed Zaltana, she was director-choreographer for TROUPE MELANGEES.  Some of their performances are available on YouTube – RobinJ Dance channel.

TM Hafla3 Conversation about costumes & synchronized improv with world music
TM Hafla1 Intro to the TM dancers and why we love tribal bellydance
TM Sword ensemble dance
TM Retro Tribal – Let’s Groove tonight
TM Skirt
TM Basics to Derwood Green with zils (finger cymbals), SGI
TM Solace’s Tribalicious (Shawazaa) with finger cymbals
TM Aaja Re
CTBD2 Trailer for 2nd CTS workout video
Love Bellydance2 – empowering us, continued.
TM Hafla2 – Dhan Dhan
TM Buttons
TM Naked Rhythm
TM Afri-Bamboo
TM Happiness Is
TM Mondo
TM Hafla – Darbuka w/ swords
Love Bellydance1 – empowering women / body size issues (with Marjhani)
TM Shiraz – fans
TM Shall we dance
TM Vimba
CTBD1 Trailer for 1st CTS workout video